Even though I suck at creating sims I kinda like these ones


The district’s done for now, now off to the next one!


When people think of São Paten, they usually think of Simboco. And who blames them? Simboco is the free-thinking, hard-partying part of town, though if you scratch the surface, you will no doubt find strangely contradictory and far less savoury elements.

It is by far one of the most desirable places to live in São Paten, with its relaxed ambiance, cafés, art galleries, cinemas, clubs- and of course (who would forget), the Praia de Simboco, where you can enjoy the company of topless women, fresh ocean swells and seagulls.

Amazing !

It’s almost 4am and I’m still here doing anything but sleeping
btw I’m done with this lot ..

It’s almost 4am and I’m still here doing anything but sleeping

btw I’m done with this lot ..

Thank you all for your lovely comments ! you’re awesome !*virtual hug*

Here’s a park .. I guess, I have no idea how to define this lot tbh but I love the church’s reflection in the water !

Bistro + book shop + wedding chapel

After too many text posts I think it’s time to go back to something more sims-orientated. So here’s what I’ve done with my world during the past few days : I’ve added a “forest” (more like a wooden area) to the existing rural part of the world and a kind of park in the downtown.. and that’s pretty much it. Sorry :/ 

Oh and I’ve finally found  a name for the world ! … Porto Estivo ( it’s lame, isn’t it ?) what d’you think of it ?


Welcome to Sa Pineda! - 700 followers gift - Midnight Sun Challenge World



This world is on a tiny map (256x256), It has 5 lots (1 Residential, 4 Community). No Rabbitholes included. Almost all spawners placed (except the WA ones). It includes custom INI files and recolors by me and Gelina’s lightning tweaksNo 3rd party CC!


This world is based on Costa Brava in Catalonia. The Name “Sa Pineda” means “The Pine Forest” in the Salat variety of the Catalan language.


This world has been made for the Midnight Sun Challenge. However you can also use it to take pictures, or whatever you want. You can edit the CAW files too :)

Read the rules of the Midnight Sun Challenge HERE. Download NRaas’ REGISTER MOD to disable paparazzis, wild animals, tourists, etc.


WAIPPets,Showtime and Supernatural

Having Monte Vista is important because of the trees and plants that have been used.


⇩ Sa Pineda.sims3pack (13 MB): Mediafire

⇩ Sa Pineda CAW files (16 MB): Mediafire


When sims swim in shallow water in the diving lot they rise above the water and go back to the normal level once they have left the shallow area. It doesn’t affect playability.

I hope you like the world and that you give it a try. If you have any problems or questios just message me. I can’t wait to see your pictures, I track the tags #nilxis and #sa pineda ;) Enjoy it!!

That world makes me wanna begin a midnight sun challenge  ! It looks so gorgeous !

That moment when the CAW tool crashes for no reason and you lose everything you’ve done so far



Here’s my colour scheme poster set, parts 1 through 6.

I’m really happy with how these turned out, and I hope you guys are as well!!

If you like these, please consider following me to see more of my CC and my builds/interiors as well, I’d really appreciate it!! I’m definitely going to make more wall art and possibly rugs in the future, as well :)


I think I’m in love with these posters